Children can start kindergarten when turning four years old by 30 June of the year they attend. Kindergarten is the beginning of your child's education journey where they learn important early numeracy, literacy and social skills. Although Kindergarten is not compulsory, most children attend because parents understand that it helps give their children the best start to school. 

Djidi Djidi School has embraced the National Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum to provide a platform where every child can become a successful student. Through increased hours for learning in Kindergarten and the Aboriginal Kindergarten Program for students who do not turn four until after July of that year, we have raised our expectations of what students can achieve in their first years at school. Through Intentional teaching strategies, play based learning and building on their existing knowledge, skills and enthusiasm for learning, Djidi kids are ensured to have every opportunity to learn through engaging activities, hands-on experiences and in environments where they are required to make decisions and stretch the boundaries of their learning routinely engage them in the kind of conversations that will extend their thinking, and using a range of group and individual activities. 

Kindergarten is part-time and your child will attend for 15 hours a week. At Djidi Djidi, the Kindergarten Program runs each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, starting at 8.35am and finishing at 2.35pm.


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