Parents Information

Bus Information


The bus service for Djidi Djidi is run by Buswest. This is a school bus service like other bus services for school aged children in the greater Bunbury area. The buses have established bus routes for pick up and drop off. Children are to be picked up and dropped off at one address only and there are no bus changes unless it is a permanent change (i.e. changing address). Our bus service is not a taxi service; it is a privilege that our school has this service in place. When first enrolling at Djidi Djidi, it may take 3 to 5 working days to organise for your child to access the school bus service. 


Parents/carers must be home after school for bus drop off. Only in an extreme emergency, will your child be allowed to change buses. Do not ring the school office unless this is the case.

School Admin will determine if the “emergency” is valid before any requests for a bus change are made so please do not assume your child will be allowed to change buses. Only the legal guardian, i.e. the parent or carer, of a child can ring the school to request a change.

If you are not going to be home in the afternoon when the bus stops to drop off your child, there are two options:

1) Parents and carers must organise for someone over the age of 18 years that you trust, to be at your home waiting when your child gets dropped off. If this is not possible then;

2) You can organise for your child to remain at school (just give us a call) and you can come and pick them up.

NOTE: If you are picking up your child early i.e. for appointments, and don’t want them boarding the bus, please call the school on 9724 9444, before 1.00pm. This is so early pick-ups can be recorded in the bus books and we can make sure your child does not board the bus and waits in the office.

When picking up your child, we would appreciate you waiting for them when school finishes at 2:35pm (this is when our school finishes every day). Children waiting in the office can get upset and anxious if they think they have been forgotten. If you are running late give the office a call and your child can be given something to do while they are waiting. Our office staff are very busy still working and are not there to supervise your child.

  1. Children are to sit quietly.    
  2. No undoing of seatbelts and standing up or changing seats and moving around while the bus is moving.
  3. Seatbelts must be worn at all times. (The bus will not leave the school unless all seatbelts are worn).
  4. No eating or drinking on the bus.
  5. Showing respect and courtesy to Buswest staff whilst travelling on the bus. Be polite and use your manners.

Red Cards can be issued for anything from throwing items around the bus to bullying, unruly, rude and intimidating behaviour towards the Bus Drivers, Aides and other students, this includes while walking in bus lines to the bus. If your child’s behaviour does not improve and they have received 3 Red Cards during a school term, they will be suspended from taking the bus to school for a short period of time (usually 1-5 days). Parents and carers will then have to transport their child to and from school during the bus suspension.

Any poor, disrespectful behaviour on the bus is not acceptable, including vandalism. Notes are sent home via the Bus Aides to notify you if your child has been issued at any time with a Red Card.


The school is concerned that families who organise “sleepovers” for their children over a weekend at another address (on a different bus run to their normal run), need to be aware that your children will not be allowed to board the bus at that address. This is a personal arrangement made outside of school and should not involve our bus service. Each bus has a list of students who travel on their run. Any students trying to board a bus that are not on their list cannot board!

NOTE: The school will also notify families if there are any major changes to the running of the buses i.e. changes to pick up and drop off times. This usually happens when we have new students start at Djidi Djidi or families move to a new address.