Parents Information

Healthy Eating


We encourage healthy eating and drinking at Djidi Djidi Aboriginal School. We do not allow sugary drinks and takeaway foods into the school.

Please keep this sort of food as a treat for home. Any takeaway dropped off for children or sugary drinks will be given back to take home. Children will then be given a sandwich with a piece of fruit to eat for lunch.

Some information on the best drinks for children:
Dieticians tell us, water is the best everyday drink for children – and it’s FREE!

Many juice boxes will claim that there’s a serving of fruit per box, although dietary guidelines urge parents to keep in mind that 100% juice should only be used occasionally to substitute a piece of fruit. Reconstituted fruit juices do not offer the high nutritional qualities of their freshly squeezed counterparts.

It is better to munch on an apple to achieve the recommended two servings a day, rather than drinking juice.

Below are four products that contain no sugar and had less than 360 Kilojoules per box – which is equivalent to a medium apple or orange.

  • Golden Circle No Added Sugar Orange Juice
  • Just Juice Orange Juice
  • Nudie Nothing But 2 Oranges
  • Prima Apple No Added Sugar